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Famous Maine Restaurant
Wiscasset, Maine USA
Hors d’Oeuvres

Monitored in intimate stations:
Seasonal Array of fresh vegetables with a choice of Sarah’s roasted red pepper, toasted French onion, Roquefort,
Garden fresh Tex-Mex; Hummous  dips  
Lavish assortment of savory cheeses and crackers, garnished with fresh herbs  
Brie baked in puff pastry or caramel nut glaze with fresh grapes  
Antipasto board featruing smoked meats, savory cheeses, assorted olives baguette and crackers
Poached whole salmon, boned, with herbed cream and cucumber slices
Melt in your mouth cheese crisps
Savory cheesecakes: roasted red pepper, Greek, smoked salmon  
Smoked Seafood board: salmon, shrimp, trout, mussels, scallops garnished lavishly with capers, fresh lemons,
limes and savory
Oyster and seafood  bar: fresh shucked native oysters, native crab claws, complementary sauces
*Kielbasa sausage in Sarah’s seafarer’s rum sauce  
Bountiful fresh fruit platter  
*Sarah’s Chocolate fondue with various dippers
Sarah’s stuffed stromboli: roasted meats and cheeses, veggies or olives and cheese; pesto
Carving Station choices: roasted farm raised turkey in a lettuce cup with cranberry sauce; glazed ham or Filet of
beef canapes with horseradish cream on baguette
Mini wraps with a variety of fillings: meat and cheese,  curried chicken salad, crab salad, for example

Passed items:

*Quiche bites: Grueyere cheese and spinach, bacon and onion, Lorraine,  fresh crabmeat, lobster
**Smoked sausage bites with various mustards
Minted melon on picks  
Assorted mini choix puffs stuffed with Maine’s own lobster, crab:  or curried chicken salad
Jumbo shrimp cocktail with Sarah’s home made cocktail sauce
Smoked salmon pinwheels
*Spanikopita squares   
**Ocean fresh sea scallops hand skewered with bacon
**Bacon wrapped shrimp
**Sarah’s  bite size crab cakes with mango salsa        
*Cocktail franks, tucked in Sarah’s puff pastry
Devilled eggs
Baby bell peppers stuffed with lobster
*Chili corn cups
** Chicken or beef strips, marinated in Sarah’ s secret blend, served on skewers  
**Marinated lamb strips
**grilled shrimp on lemon grass skewers
**Swordfish kebobs with fruited salsa
*Stuffed mushroom caps with proscuitto, vegetarian, or seafood
Colorful fruit kebobs  
Cucumber boats or Endive piped withlobster, shrimp or salmon mousse  or herbed cheese
Mini dill crepes wrapped around asparagus, accompanied by Sarah’s lemon cream
*Brochette: tomato, basil and garlic  
Soup shots!... zesty gaspzcho, summer strawberry, zippy cucumber
*served hot
** appetizers grilled on site

Sarah’s Fresh Salads

Fresh spinach
Mixed green
Field Green
Old Fashioned Potato
Lemon herbed potato
Rice Salad
Lentil Salad
Three bean
Tri-color pasta with fresh herbs and veggies
Traditional Cole slaw
Olde Fashioned Waldorf
Summer Cucumber Salad
Bulgar wheat salad
Marinated vegetable
Summer’s greens salad , lemon or raspberry vinaigrette
Caesar’s salad with fresh croutons
Caesar’s salad with roasted chicken strips and Sarah’s herbed croutons
Tortellini  with crisp veggies
Native green bean salad with walnut or lemon dill dressing
Luscious garden tomatoes, sliced accompanied by red onion, and garden fresh basil
Garden ripened tomatoes with sliced fresh mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette
Tender asparagus in a light lemon dill vinaigrette
Fresh fruit including  mango and berries
Broccoli with nuts and raisins
Balsamic carrot and raisin
Vegetable vinaigrette, varies by season
Signature Salads:

Grilled Native scallops tossed with mango and fresh avocado
Sarah’s mixed greens, fried goat cheese crumbles and roasted  beet chunks, drizzled with whole grain mustard
Orzo with grilled fresh veggies*
Medly of Seafood Salad, tossed with an orange vinaigrette and fresh veggie: market
Marinated, tender filet of beef salad with colorful peppers and crisp peapods, lightly dressed
Sarah’s Tuscan Avocado drizzled with lime vinaigrette

Sarah’s Signature:

Rich and decadent chocolate fondue with fresh fruits for dipping

Ala carte Entrée selections:

Meatless choices:

Pesto lasagna
Fettuccini Primavera with Sarah’s Alfredo sauce
Fresh Veggie Lasagna
Stuffed shells with ricotta, spinach, cheese, marinara sauce
Stuffed Portabella mushrooms  
Balsamic Portabella steak, grilled with Roquefort crumbles
Maccaroni and cheddar Cheese
Grilled jumbo portabella mushroom caps , marinated in Sarah’s secret blend
Maine vegetable Ratatouille, smothered with mozzarella
Eggplant Parmesan
Veggie Napoleans

Seafood choices:

Steamed Sheepscot River Lobster/Clams broth, lemons, drawn butter… market price
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp and Scallop kebobs, fresh veggies
Fresh Swordfish Kebobs, grilled to order with colorful veggies, Romesco Sauce
Fresh Swordfish, grilled on site, accompanied by  fresh mango salsa or Sarah’s olive and tomato salsa  
Poached whole Atlantic salmon, tangy lemon dill sauce, fresh cucumbers, chilled
Fresh seafood lasagna, white sauce
Rich Sheepscot River Lobster Newburg or Sarah’s decadent Seafood Newburg
Baked Stuffed Haddock, crabmeat stuffing or lemon parsleycrumb topping
Tender filet of Sole nestled with seafood stuffing and topped with a dill wine sauce
Baked Stuffed Atlantic Sea Scallops
Native Sea scallops baked with lemon butter
Steamed Maine Lobster, drawn butter
Baked stuffed jumbo shrimp
Seafood medley: plump scallops, haddock and shrimp in lemon butter

Other delicious options:

Sarah’s baked stuffed boneless tender chicken breast with spinach and ricotta
Tender Cornish Hens, grilled to perfection in Sarah’s herbal butter
Tuscan Lemon chicken  or barbeque chicken
Zesty Curried chicken,condiments
Boneless Chicken breast with traditional stuffing
Glazed country Ham
Oven roasted filet of beef, served sliced with Sarah’s gravy
Grilled, seasoned Filet of beef tenderloin, au jus, carved to order with horesradish cream
Perfectly seasoned pork tenderloin, grilled and sliced to order, complimented with Sarah’s savory sauce
Sarah’s tender boneless leg of lamb, marinated and grilled with whole garden tomatoes, rosemary and mint
Roast farm raised turkey, stuffing choice: sausage, fruited bread, oyster, and Sarah’s gravy, carved to order
Lasagna with roasted sausage
Jumbo Italian Meatballs in basil marinara sauce
Crown roast of pork, apple-sausage stuffing
Grilled marinated lamb roast, minted jelly          Baked glazed ham  
Sarah’s Decadent Beef Stroganoff
Tender beef Bourgignon

Sarah’s Signature items

*Ale House Beef and potatoes: These fun kebobs consist of chunks of very good beef, marinated in a local ale
marinade, skewered with small new potatoes, and grilled to
*Seafood Pasta Salad, chock full of scallops, lobster, cherry stone clams tossed with Sarah’s orange vinaigrette...
*Sarah’s Nicoise Salad with choice of Grilled Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Vegetarian: Medley of baby greens, tiny
string beans, boiled egg, garden cherry tomatoes, capers, anchovies, Nicoise olives, nasturtium blossoms, tossed
with Sarah’s complementary dressing including
tarragon, lemon and fresh pepper. Best plated.


Sarah’s creamed red bliss scalloped potatoes
Lemon Rosemary roasted red potatoes
Mashed new potatoes, with or without garlic
Fruited Rice pilaf
Barley pilaf with mushrooms
Broccoli casserole
Baked Beans New England Style
Savory turnip, cabbage and carrot
Stuffed whole garden ripened tomatoes, grilled
Tomato squash gratin
Maine winter squashes, with Maine maple butter
Steamed medley of fresh veggies
Grilled or steamed Asparagus, in season
Dilly beans, chilled
Homemade cranberry or apple sauce

Old fashioned pie buffet:

Choice of 3: apple, apple crumb, apple cranberry, apple cheddar, peach, strawberry rhubarb, tollhouse, maple
walnut, lemon meringue, pumpkin, three berry, pecan, blueberry, strawberry, brownie nut, others… freshly
whipped cream
Vanilla ice cream:
Maine blueberry buffet: blueberry crisp, pie, cake, gingerbread, blueberry lemon cookies, with whipped cream


Iced tea and fresh lemonade or fruit punch, sodas & coffee


Draft Beer: Guiness/Sheepscot River/ Pemaquid Ale/Sam Adams/Shipyard                Budweiser/ Coors
Light/PBR        Others….
Bottles: Heineken/Corona/Mich Light/Miller Light/ Bud
Wines: We have a wonderful assortment of wines available by the glass or bottle.
Specific requests welcome!
Champagne:  available according to personal taste.
Our catering menus list a wide variety of Maine foods for you to enjoy, from traditional
recipes to Sarah's original creations. Each item is prepared from the freshest
ingredients with great care to help make your event special. If there is something you
don't see on the menu contact us and we'd be happy to prepare it if we can.  We also
have a link above to some sample wedding and business menus which will give you an
idea how our selections can be combined to create a menu for your event or occasion.

Sarah's Catering Menu

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